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Do I Have a Heating Emergency in my Anchorage / Mat-Su Home?

Alaskans understand the necessity of good heating. The extreme lows of the temperature outside can make conditions uncomfortable for you and your family. For keeping toasty warm in the dead of winter, you need reliable heating. But if you experience an HVAC emergency, you may end up in a panic.

No worries. KLEBS is here for you.

Homeowners and business owners alike know that they need excellent HVAC service to rely on in times of emergency. And with Alaska weather, this service is of the utmost importance.

KLEBS Mechanical is the top provider of excellent HVAC service in Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley, and we are especially helpful in an emergency. Let’s be honest, HVAC issues never happen at a convenient time. If your furnace goes on the fritz suddenly, it is time to consider an emergency repair from KLEBS Mechanical.

At KLEBS Mechanical, we offer emergency repair services 24/7. Our availability gives you peace of mind, knowing that we can handle any HVAC emergency that arises. We will work with urgency and at a fair price to make sure your home or business is comfortable and safe again.

What Is an HVAC Emergency?

If you find yourself with a non-functioning HVAC system, it’s useful to determine what constitutes an emergency.

What Are the Current Weather Conditions?

If the outside temperature is on the mild side, then it’s unlikely you are in an emergency situation. On the other hand, if it is biting cold outside, and your heat goes out, then you could have unsafe conditions.

For Alaskans, there is not a large amount of wiggle room when it comes to extreme weather. If you wait too long in our neck of the woods, you could find yourself in trouble.

Timing is Everything

If the HVAC issue occurs on a Monday morning in June, it is not too drastic of a situation. If your furnace breaks down on the Friday night before a three-day weekend in January, then that is a whole different problem. A cold one.

Our highly-trained staff offers 24/7 service for all of your emergency needs. Whether it is the middle of the night or in the thick of a holiday weekend, KLEBS Mechanical is there.

This is an HVAC Emergency

When the HVAC system freezes and then bursts in the winter, it’s an emergency. If you are having problems heating your house in the middle of winter, you have an HVAC emergency. With temperatures that can drop well below zero, having your heat go out can turn into a dangerous situation. Do not wait to call.

In fact, we recommend that our clients store our phone number in the case of an HVAC emergency:

Mat-Su: 907-745-2559

Anchorage: 907-365-2500

How Much Will an HVAC Emergency Cost?

As it turns out, this question is one of the first that people ask when they call KLEBS Mechanical with an urgent problem. It usually comes right after, “How soon can you get here?” There is no set price for an HVAC emergency since each system and situation is different.

At KLEBS, we promise that you will receive the best service, emergency or not, at a fair price. Our expert crew is available every day of the year around the clock. If you suddenly find yourself shivering in the night with no source of heat, call KLEBS right away. We’re here for you.