Annual Winter Checklist for Anchorage & Mat-Su Homeowners:

Assuming you’ve sealed your home for air leaks and maximized your home’s energy efficiency the year before, here’s a list of tasks Southcentral Alaska homeowners should complete every fall:

Scheduling Contractors:

  • Schedule your annual maintenance for your mechanical systems (furnaces, boilers, garage heaters, air quality systems, etc.) with your friends at KLEBS Heating. 
  • Have dryer vents cleaned out. 
  • Have sprinkler systems blown out.
  • Renew your snowplowing contract and/or have your snowblower tuned up.

Outdoor Tasks:

  • Disconnect and drain outdoor hoses.
  • Clear gutters and downspouts. (And fix any leaks.)
  • Have sprinkler systems blown out.
  • Replace window screens with storm windows.
  • Check for garage door air leaks; replace seals and/or make mechanical adjustments as needed.
  • Mark your driveway for the snowplower.
  • Cover air conditioning units.
  • Set up your vehicle plug-in system. 
  • Get snow shovel(s) and/or snowblower in position.
  • Get fuel for snowblower and/or generator.

Indoor Tasks

  • Change furnace filters (and stock-up).
  • Check/reset your thermostat(s).
  • Install window insulation kit(s)
  • Inspect and replace door sweeps as needed.
  • Set ceiling fans to counter-clockwise rotation.
  • Check and freshen up your emergency kit (new batteries, rotate out food supplies, etc.)
  • Fill emergency water jugs.
  • Test your freeze / leak alarm systems (change batteries if needed).