Ice- and snow-free sidewalk and walkway leading to a home or business that has an in-ground snowmelt system.

6 Benefits of Installing a Commercial Snowmelt System in Anchorage or the Mat-Su

Clear walkways and parking lots are a sight for sore eyes in the dead of winter in Alaska. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are clear of hazardous ice and snow, which tends to pile up excessively in our state. In fact, there are many safety, financial, and environmental benefits to installing a commercial snowmelt system. The alternative is to shovel and salt yourself or hire a plow service, which can be costly. Find out why you should consider installing a commercial snowmelt system at your business!

1. No More Plowing, Shoveling, or Salting!

Even if you are not clearing the snow and ice on your business property yourself, it is likely that you personally know the pain of a snowy forecast, setting an early alarm and mentally preparing for hours of labor-intensive work to shovel your driveway. If you are requiring your employees to shovel and salt, they are probably willing to do the work but not too happy about it. Installing a commercial snowmelt system will boost morale, save your staff time, and save you money! Businesses who outsource snow removal save money every time it snows because they do not have to call in the plow service.

2. Commercial Snowmelt Systems Are a Wise Investment

Instead of paying money for a plow service every time it snows, you only have to make a single, one-time investment with a commercial snowmelt system. After installation, they are relatively cheap to maintain, requiring little upkeep and operating smoothly.

3. They Prevent Ice from Forming

Commercial snowmelt systems melt snow the moment it falls, preventing ice from forming whatsoever. This is especially valuable in Alaska, where layers and layers of snow and ice make it extremely difficult to completely remove these elements from walkways and parking lots.

4. They Ensure the Safety of Your Employees and Customers

Because commercial snowmelt systems completely remove ice from all walkways and parking lots, your employees and customers will be protected. Not only will there be zero risk of slip and fall, but your staff will be protected from the stress and strain of shoveling which can cause injury as well. This protects you and your business from potential lawsuits.

5. Commercial Snowmelt Systems Protect Your Landscaping

Snowmelt chemicals (such as salt) are corrosive and snowplows are clumsy, scraping the ground and bumping hidden objects in the snow. Both cause damage to vegetation and paved areas. Commercial snowmelt systems have little to no environmental impact.

6. They are Environmentally-Friendly

Since commercial snowmelt systems do not use harsh chemicals to melt snow, they do not affect grasses and other forms of vegetation. Not only will your landscape survive, but your walkways and parking lot will not produce runoff into neighboring business lots.

If you think it is time to install a commercial snowmelt system at your business, give us a call! We have been proudly serving Alaska for over 30 years. Our team offers a wide variety of commercial solutions and we would be happy to improve your walking areas!