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What Are the Signs That I Need a Furnace Replacement?

A new furnace is a big investment. How do you know if your current system needs an update or if it could carry on for a few more years? Here are 7 signs you may need a furnace replacement.

1. Your Furnace Is Getting Old

The average lifespan of a furnace is 15-20 years. If your furnace is getting up there, you may want to consider purchasing a replacement. It’s better to be proactive than reactive and to update your furnace than to wait until it kicks off in the dead of winter.

2. It’s Been Needing A Lot of Repairs

Has your furnace been needing repairs lately? Old furnaces require frequent repairs toward the last two years of their life. Take these repairs as cries for help from a failing furnace that needs a replacement!

3. Your Heating Bill Is Rising

Have you been seeing a steady (or sharp) increase in your monthly utility bill despite annual furnace maintenance and regular care? Your furnace may be working harder to heat your home because it’s old and in need of an update.

4. The House Isn’t Getting Warm Enough

Spotty heating is a sign of either a) a furnace or ductwork that needs maintenance, or, b) a furnace that simply can no longer distribute heat throughout your house as it should. If your furnace exhibits this sign in combination with others mentioned, it likely needs replaced.

5. Your Furnace Is Making Noises

Does your furnace pop, bang, or rattle? Old furnaces tend to make funky sounds when they’re on their last legs. Something else you might hear is your blower kicking on more frequently or running longer because it has to work harder. It may be time to replace your furnace!

6. It’s Leaking Carbon Monoxide

Yikes! Old furnaces are more prone to cracks in their heat exchanger, which causes leaks of carbon monoxide gas. As you probably know, this is very dangerous for you and your family. Get out of the house and call a heating professional about a new furnace!

7. Your Furnace Doesn’t Look So Hot

In addition to cracks on an old furnace, you may see rust and other forms of wear and tear. At this point, you may need to replace your furnace for more than aesthetic reasons. Rust and cracks can negatively affect the efficiency of your furnace and cause disasters later.

Any one of these signs could indicate that you need a replacement, but if your furnace is exhibiting two or more, it is especially important that you pay attention. Replacing your furnace now rather than later could save you a lot of money and headache over the next couple years, likely more than a new furnace costs! For furnace replacement in Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley, give us a call.