Why Upgrade Your Current Heating System during Summer in Anchorage or Mat-Su Valley

Chances are, you probably heat your home with a furnace or boiler during these cold Alaskan winters. If your system is still up and running, even if it’s not 100% perfect, why would you spend the money to upgrade to something newer? The reality is that there are many reasons you may consider upgrading—we’ve put together a few details about this project so you will see why it may be the right move for you.

Why Upgrade?

  • Older Equipment is Less Efficient – An older unit is less efficient than a brand new one, almost without fail. You’re paying more to get your home warm each and every day using an old machine. In addition to costing you monetarily, you’re putting a bigger carbon footprint out there too.
  • You’ll Pay in Repairs – If you’re paying for repairs every winter, it will begin to add up. Paying today for an upgrade, even if you finance, may save you an enormous amount of money in the long run. Why not invest in your future instead of sinking money into an older unit?
  • Safety – The reality is, an older heating unit can be unsafe—especially if you are looking at something 20 years or older. Have your unit inspected thoroughly and think about the safety of you and your family. An upgrade may be a necessity.

Benefits of Upgrading During Summer

Why would you want to upgrade your heating unit in summer? After all, you’re certainly not using your unit as much now as you will in the middle of winter, right? The fact that you are not using your system as much during these milder summer months is a great reason to upgrade now. If you wait until winter, the temperatures will be much colder and you and your family will be fighting the temps as the work is getting done. In addition, nearly every local plumbing and heating contractor is busier in the winter when equipment begins failing, so you may find it harder to schedule the job if you wait for the winter!

If you’d like more information about upgrading your current furnace system, reach out to us at KLEBS today! We would love to take a look at your current setup and talk to you about your comfort needs. Our goal is always to make sure you have the heating you need all year round—ideally with fewer utility expenditures each month too.