Yukon Kuskoskwim Correctional Center Mechanical Upgrades

Bethel, Alaska

Project Summary:

Owner: State of Alaska
General Contractor: Klebs Mechanical Inc.
Engineer: RSA Engineering
Project Duration: July 2014 thru November 2014
Services Provided: Mechanical, HVAC & Ventilation Systems

Relevant Team Members:

Tom Spitzer, Project Manager
Randy Switzer, Plumbing Operations Supervisor
Shannon Massey, Sheet Metal Operations Supervisor

Project Description:

The Yukon Kuskokwim Correctional Center is an existing building located in Bethel, Alaska. The project was proposed by the State of Alaska to include the following:

  • Upgrade roof drainage system; separate roof drain from city sewer system, installed lift stations, piping, valves and fittings, heat trace, equipment and accessories and daylight separated system to property edge.
  • Upgrade sewer system; installed new manhole and sewage lift station, piping, valves and fittings, controls and accessories. Relocated waste grinder. Upgraded and balanced ventilation system; replace air handier, duct smoke detector, fans, air inlets and outlets, duct work, heating coils and heat recovery unit, equipment and accessories as indicated.
  • Upgrade crawl space lighting; install new fixture, wiring, controls and accessories.
  • Upgrade supporting electrical systems; install new transfer switch, panel, circuit breaker, wiring and accessories.
  • Upgrade and balanced ventilation system associated with AHU-2, Dining 143 and Visitation 111; replace air handler, duct smoke detector, air inlets and outlets, duct work, heating coils, equipment and accessories, including associated electrical systems and devices as indicated.

Upgrade heating system; replace burner on existing boiler, heat exchanger circulator, duct work, install new boiler and burner, glycol filter and pump, combustion air hood, hydraulic separator, piping, controls and accessories, including associated electrical systems and devices. Relocate heat exchanger and associated accessories, piping, wiring and controls.