Knowledge is Power – Working For You

KLEBS follows the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) philosophy which fully integrates project teams in order to take advantage of the knowledge of all team members to maximize the project outcome.  From landscaping to structural details, from architecture to concealment of mechanical equipment, KLEBS participates and provides ideas for all aspects of the project’s development.

Initial Phases

After our initial conceptual budget and design phase, KLEBS will work with the project team to pursue or identify the following issues as they relate to mechanical and plumbing systems throughout the first phases of the project’s preconstruction and design:

  • If applicable, selection of one of our mechanical engineering partners to serve on the design team under a true design-build relationship (provides the best value for the owner).
  • System selections and any value engineering concepts.
  • Project schedule strategies and the impact of factory production times for equipment and materials selected for the proposed overall systems. KLEBS will work with the team to determine if an early equipment purchase makes sense for the project.
  • Development of cost proposals and varying estimates to help understand the cost versus value of project concepts.
  • Development and review of project safety objectives and how the work will be installed to eliminate incidents and accidents.

65% Phase

As the project’s concepts and design develop to a 65% level, KLEBS continues to apply the above philosophies and adding the following:

  • Updated project cost estimates that can be utilized for a design-build GMP award.
  • Selection of HVAC equipment and plumbing fixture vendor team members and associated products to be implemented into the design.
  • Selection of any smaller tier mechanical subcontractors and systems to be implemented into the design.
  • Review of entire project by KLEBS construction team for constructability issues and improvements.
  • Discussion and planning of project and installation logistics with the project team.
  • Development of a prefabrication and pre-assembly plan for the mechanical systems and its impact on the overall schedule and installation.


95% Phase

As the project design and preconstruction phase reaches 95% and then 100%, KLEBS continues to implement the above processes and has also begun work on the construction phase of the project to include:

  • An underground mechanical and plumbing systems installation plan. Long lead factory items are purchased by this time and are in production, or on their way to the project site.
  • Any detailing or project shop drawings that need to be done are submitted along with remaining product data and construction project submittals.
  • Construction administration begins along with a preview of the project’s commissioning plan and schedule.
  • Final schedule durations are confirmed and coordinated with the overall project schedule.
  • Constructability reviews continue and collaboration and coordination with all stakeholders remains critical.
  • KLEBS construction team is fully integrated into the project.