Coronado Senior Housing Solar Thermal Installation

Eagle River, Alaska

Project Summary:

General Contractor: Klebs Mechanical Inc.
Engineer: RSA Engineers
Project Duration: February, 2014 thru July, 2014
Services Provided: Design and install Solar Thermal heating system

Relevant Team Members:

Project Manager:  Mike Martin
Plumbing Operations Supervisor:  Randy Switzer

Project Description:

Cook Inlet Housing Authority was in the process of constructing a 4-story senior housing development in Eagle River, Alaska.  A phase of the project included designing and installing a solar thermal heating system that would reduce the overall energy consumption of the building by 5% annually.  This led to the largest solar thermal installation in the state at the time.  The project included

  • Design and development of the overall solar thermal system, controls, and pipe sizing.  Design was reviewed not only for performance, but also to stay within budget parameters

  • Installation of 56 – 4×10 solar thermal panels and associated piping and accessories

  • Design and develop racking system that would support the panels and withstand wind loads of up to 120 MPH.  A racking system was developed with the help of PND engineers utilizing an aluminum truss in an A-frame construction to withstand harsh weather, lower building maintenance efforts, provide strength, and support solar array components across building spans.

  • Installation of solar thermal hot water storage tanks – over 3,000 gallon capacity

  • Coordinate schedules and installation activities with construction efforts performed under separate contract.

  • Final product provides an average of 50% of the total domestic hot water load of the building, and can provide 100% of the demand during peak solar energy days.