Allison Creek Project

Valdez, Alaska

Project Summary:

General Contractor: McMillen, LLC
Engineer: McMillen, LLC
Project Duration: July 2014 – October 2016
Services Provided: Plumbing & HVAC Systems

Relevant Team Members:

Project Manager, Michael Hunsicker
Plumbing Operations Supervisor, Randy Switzer
Sheetmetal Operations Supervisor, Shannon Massey

Project Description:

This design-build project is located in Valdez, Alaska, near the Valdez Marine Terminal, which is the terminus point of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. It evolved from a 70-foot-high (21 m) (with an additional 50 feet [15 m] buried) rock-fill embankment dam at the outlet of Allison Lake with a conventional intake and buried/surface penstock, to a run-of-river project with a diversion structure further downstream and a powerhouse capable of producing 6.5 MW of electricity per hour for CVEA’s customers at peak production.

The purpose of this project was to divert water from Allison Creek via a diversion structure at an elevation of 1,300 feet (396 m) into a penstock that will carry the water 7,000 feet (1.25 miles or 2,130 m) to a powerhouse near tidewater. This new hydroelectric plant brings CVEA’s hydropower production portfolio from 50% to 64% and reduces its dependence on diesel generation plants by 750,000 gallons (283,905 L) of diesel. Upon completion, this project reduced annual fuel generation costs by $2.4 million and eliminate 12,000 tons (10,886 t) of carbon dioxide annually.

• Furnish and install the HVAC Systems for the Powerhouse Building, Generator Building and Intake Building

• Furnish and install the Plumbing Systems for the Powerhouse Building

• Provide, furnish and install HVAC Controls for the Powerhouse Building and Generator Building

• Pipe and duct insulation

• Testing, adjusting and balancing of air / water systems

• Provide owner training and perform building systems commissioning