Airport Heights Elementary School Renovation & Addition

Anchorage, Alaska

Project Summary:

Owner: Anchorage School District
General Contractor: Watterson Construction
Engineer: RSA Engineering
Project Duration: June 2015 – August 2016
Services Provided: Mechanical, HVAC & Ventilation Systems

Relevant Team Members:

Project Manager: Tom Even
Plumbing Foreman: Sean Thompson
Sheetmetal Foreman: Lorne Green

Project Description:

Airport Heights School is an existing building located in Anchorage, Alaska. The project was proposed by the Anchorage School District to include the following:

  • Complete renovation of the existing A, B, and C wings of the school along with the addition of the D wing which included a new boiler room with (2) new boilers, pumps, expansion tanks along with a new piping and fixtures and a new fan room with (3) new air handlers along with a variable air volume system which included all new ductwork.

  • Existing sewer under the main corridor was salvaged by the use of pipe lining.

  • Mechanical Insulation, Temperature Controls, and Air/Water Balancing.