Indoor Air Quality Experts

While Alaskans can enjoy the fresh crisp air that abounds in the state by just stepping outside the front door, your home may not be providing you with the same feeling of clean air breathing indoors.

While you may think your home’s interior is excellent, it can be unhealthy compared to outdoor air quality. The reason is the air in your home doesn’t get circulated 24/7, even if you have an HVAC or forced air furnace. Think about it, when outside air has wide open expanses with breezes to move the air in, out, and around obstacles like homes, forests, and mountains, there is no opportunity for particles to overstay their welcome.

Inside your home, you have obstacles that prevent the air from circulating properly such as furniture, appliances, doors, and walls. There are allergens, germs, pollen, dust, and other nefarious particles floating around that settle into every available nook and cranny. If you don’t provide adequate circulation these particles build up, bringing the air quality to a lower level. If the air in your home isn’t being circulated on a frequent basis, the quality of the oxygen you’re breathing is affected in a negative way. It becomes stale, stagnant and makes breathing more challenging than it should be.

Negative air quality can make your home a breeding ground for unhealthy germs, which can impact your overall health. Whether it’s germs from sneezing, coughing, pet dander, or pollen from blooming trees and flowers, each one lessens the “clean air” level of your home. It is imperative that you make sure your HVAC is cleaned regularly. Whether that is your air conditioner, forced air furnace, or both, changing your filters and making sure they run properly will benefit your air quality.

When you contact the professionals at KLEBS Mechanical, you can be assured our quality services are designed with fresh air in mind. This means the next time you take a deep breath, there’s no mystery about what you’re breathing and the air quality is as clean as the great outdoors.