Hilcorp Alaska – Floors 3,4,10,13

Anchorage, Alaska

Project Summary:

Owner: State of Alaska
General Contractor: Owner
Engineer: Olsen Engineering
Project Duration: Feb 2018 – May 2018
Services Provided: Mechanical, HVAC, & Ventilation Systems

Relevant Team Members:

Project Manager:  Tom Even
Sheetmetal Foreman:  Sam Herron
Plumbing Foreman:  Steve Ange

Project Description:

Project consisted of renovating floors 3, 4, & 10 at the JL Tower and expanding the server room on the 13th floor to accommodate Hilcorp’s operations. Floors 3, 4, 10 were completely gutted. New walls and ceilings were installed. All ductwork had to be revised to accommodate the new floor plans. New diffusers and VAV boxes were also added. A new break room was added to each floor which resulted in the waste, vent, and water being revised. A new heat pump was added to each electrical room for floors 3, 4, 10. The server room was expanded on the 13th floor which resulted in the existing cooling units being removed and adding a 40 ton chiller outside and piping new glycol supply and return lines up 13 floors. The existing units had to remain on line until one of the new CRAC (computer room air conditioning units) was up and running. Once this was completed, we removed the existing units and installed the 2nd CRAC unit. Across the hall from the server room we added a 4 ton CRAC unit for their IDF room.