Our Facility Maximizes Your Efficiency

KLEBS maintains a fully staffed and innovative sheet metal fabrication and pipe fitting facility.  Additionally, our teams can fabricate and assemble duct and mechanical components complete and (if necessary, disassemble) then relocate to the jobsite, and install these components to save time, improve quality, and minimize trade stacking.

Examples of our pre-assembly plans include:

  • Roof and wall hoods.
  • Large and small plenum mixing boxes.
  • Air handling units and intake / discharge plenums.
  • Duct runs, duct risers, and shaft ducts.
  • Louver and damper assemblies.
  • Mechanical rooms, boilers, pumps, and tanks.
  • Prefabricated and assembled risers.
  • Bathroom plumbing wall assemblies.
  • Hydronic pipe manifolds, headers, and pipe sections.
  • Flanged, grooved, press, welded, and fusion joint systems.
  • Cut to length pipe and duct for “one-piece” installation on the job.
  • We work with materials such as stainless, galvanized, plastic, copper, coated, cast, steel, you name it.

At KLEBS, we sequence the mechanical systems pre -fabrication and pre-assembly with the execution of the onsite construction and project schedule to provide a “just-in-time” style of delivery.