KLEBS rolls out new vision and mission statement

We are very excited to announce our new vision and mission statement for the company, and it is representative of a totally new way of thinking that the leadership of the company has embraced.

Many times a company is organized like a pyramid, with the management and ownership at the top and the employees and workers on the bottom. So the employees support the supervisors, which support the management, which support the ownership.

KLEBS is adopting the opposite approach, in which the pyramid is upside down. The ownership supports the management, which supports the supervisors, which support the employees. The employees are on top, or put another way, people are first!

We realize that when we take care of our people, they will take care of our customers. And this is not something that we are inventing. Actually it has been demonstrated perfectly by companies like Apple, and Southwest Airlines. This people first culture will work, but it will take time.

At our company pancake breakfast this morning, Gary Klebs articulated the vision and mission, and the leadership of the company expanded on various aspects of this. From building an engaged culture, to explaining immediate changes that should impact work environments right away, to various outlooks and recent wins. We hope that our team is as excited about this new chapter as we are!

You will notice from the document below that our vision and mission speaks nothing about what we do, but almost entirely about why we do it. KLEBS is in business to have a positive effect on people’s lives – starting with our employees and flowing over to our clients and customers. We may be a little mechanical contractor in Anchorage Alaska, but we are a part of extremely important projects every day. These projects truly do make a difference in peoples lives, in our community, and in some cases, the entire country!

If this vision and mission statement speaks to you, give us a call! And if you want to learn more about the inspiration for this new chapter, I recommend starting with the book from Simon Sinek – “It Starts With Why”.